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Want to earn extra cash from that extra desk or free space in your office? Or perhaps you'd like to know which co-working spaces offer the best value for money. Sign up today to find out more.

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For your business to succeed, it needs to be positioned in the right space to gain exposure. At OccuPi, we match you to your ideal space based on your business' budget, industry and number of employees, amongst other factors. We believe that identifying the best space for you and for your employees will catapult your business to grow significantly.

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Standard Office

Have control of your space with a fixed-term office lease of 3+ years.

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Flexible Office

A standard private office with a short, month-to-month or flexible lease term.

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Shared Office

Sharing is caring. Take a standard office lease with other complementary companies and split the costs.

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Co-working Office

Join the movement! Shared space, shared expertise, new networks, flexible leases and low costs.

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Hot Desk

Rent a desk at an established company and gain access to their team, network and opportunities.

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Not everything needs to be shared. Find your own storage unit and keep your business a secret.

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Standard Warehouse

Those who have earned their stripes, need their own space.

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Shared Warehouse

For like-minded, practical entrepreneurs who know the value of a good connection.

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Co-working Warehouse

For new businesses, shared experiences and a practical start.

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Retail Shop

Having a physical presence cannot be underestimated. Put your brand ahead by being in the right location.

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Pop-up Shop

Expose your online business to the world. Launch a new product. Dream big!

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Shared Retail

Match up with a complementary business and share space, customers and growth. Why not give it a try!

Our Users

At OccuPi, everyone belongs. Whether you're looking for space, have extra or just want to connect with other businesses, we have the platform for you. It's quick, easy and all done online.

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From start-ups to high-growth businesses, compare space options for your small- to medium-sized company. Find the best location at affordable and flexible terms to accommodate your dream space.

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Space Owner

Anyone who has space to rent out, whether it be a broker or landlord, or someone seeking to sublet or to list an extra desk in an office.

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Calling all service providers who can improve the office experience, whether it be those in catering, plumbing, electrical work, flower delivery, etc. Become part of our referral network.

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